Tourism Review Online Magazine 1 / 2013

Dec 31, 2012

Dear readers

2013 is here together with the January issue of Tourism Review Online Magazine. Hotel chains are growing in size and power all around the world. What is it that makes them so successful? Open the Professional supplement. Carbon neutral movement gripped the transport industry as well. Learn about green ferry, buses, airports and even Lamborghini in the Transport supplement.

If you are already planning your holidays, Asian floating markets are a must. Explore their fascinating beauty with the Adventure part. Get a taste of Asia without leaving Europe or the U.S. – visit the local Chinatowns. Heritage part will tell you more. First of all though open the Destination supplement and let us invite you to one of the most captivating African countries – Rwanda. Enjoy the issue.

Milada Sovadinova



HERITAGE/ Remarkable Chinatowns around the Globe

Vanderlei J. Pollack

- Dec 31, 2012

Chinatown – little Chinese world in the middle of completely different culture. Discover the history of these enclaves as well as their beauty. Visit the Chinatown in San Francisco or Paris; explore the best Chinatowns around the world.

ADVENTURE/ Must See! Asian Floating Markets

Alec Hills

- Dec 31, 2012

Asian holidays are full of colors, festivals, temples and…floating markets. Experience the markets on boats, enjoy the noise of the locals selling food and flowers, taste the remarkable cuisine in a floating restaurant.

TRANSPORT/ Heading to Carbon Neutral Travel

Theodore Slate

- Dec 31, 2012

A growing number of transport services are provided in a carbon neutral way. Learn about the green airports, buses, ferry or even the efforts to build carbon neutral Lamborghini.

DESTINATION/ Rwanda – The Land of Thousand Hills

Laura Maudlin

- Dec 31, 2012

Rwanda is a country with lots of sorrow in its history. Yet, the people are resilient and tourism has been growing in importance. Explore the land of stunning nature and remarkable heritage.