DESTINATION/ Rwanda – The Land of Thousand Hills

Rwanda is a country with lots of sorrow in its history. Yet, the people are resilient and tourism has been growing in importance. Explore the land of stunning nature and remarkable heritage.



Rwanda's Tourism Industry Growing Steadily

Ashley Nault

The tourism industry in Rwanda has experienced impressive growth over the years and continues to enjoy an above-average performance. In the first 6 months of 2012, there was an 11 percent increase in the country's tourism revenue, which stood at 128.3 million US Dollars. This was a 13 million dollar increase from 2011, a new record for the African country. Further increase in revenue is expected in the year's second half. History Known for its gorilla-viewing opportunities, Rwanda boasted a gr...

Top Landmarks: Rwanda Offers Wilderness and Heritage

Anna Luebke

Rwanda, a landlocked nation in Eastern-Central Africa, is popularly referred to as the land of thousand hills. It is a beautiful safari destination blessed with great variety of beauty. It is its unique tourist attributes that make it an ultimate lifetime destination for many tourists. Discover the top landmark sites. Nyanza Royal Palace The impressive Nyanza Royal Palace is a dome shaped construction made totally with traditional material. This palace of the traditional Rwandan monarchy is si...

Modern Kigali Focusing on the Future

Sara Thopson

Rwanda was once referred as the "Land of Eternal Springs." Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda and fits the bill too. The city is sprawled over valleys, hills and ridges. Though small, Kigali is attractive and offers scenic sights over the intensively terraced and cultivated countryside beyond the city. The civil war of 1994 trashed the city badly. Nevertheless, Kigali has undergone a massive transformation and rehabilitation. It is doubtless that the city is not held by its past and is fully ...
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La Palisse Gashora Hotel – Rwanda’s Hidden Treasure

Joe McClain

Describing La Palisse Gashora Hotel as being in the middle of nowhere is correct and appropriate. There are no places within walking distance and the setting confirms that this is a place well off the beaten track. The deafening silence that one encounters is only broken by the occasional chirping and singing of the birds. La Palisse is located in the Gashora sector of Bugesera district within the Northern Province of Rwanda. This area is Savannah country which is unlike most parts of the count...