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Tourism Review Team

At Tourism Review, we are not just another travel and hospitality news portal. We aspire to provide the users and subscribers with all the latest information focusing on travel and tourism professional spread in numerous locations across borders through publishing content about and in the best interest of the tourism industry. We meet our objectives through the utilisation of services of several news agencies and that's not all. Our expert team of authors and editors work day and night to compose and format dozens of travel news stories to meet the travel business needs of the readers.

How it all started

We started out as just an online news and information platform targeting the niche of travel and the tourism industry. However, our passion and dedication for the readers neither had a limit nor looked back. And today, Tourism Review Media offers and represents a variety of nationwide editions in numerous languages and countries. The experts at Tourism Review are keen to offer a diverse blend of tourism marketing tools and techniques in addition to a wide range of tourism industry news.

We work in collaboration

The core motive of Tourism Review is to enhance and amplify the significance of tourism industry, and we inspire to make that possible through our partnership with the industry and with industry pioneers. We keep our readers up-to-date with the latest happenings and equip them with motivational marketing mechanisms and campaigns backed by vigorous research and analytics of the users. Besides that, our editorial plan not only includes the current news, infographics, offers and destination details, but we also put our emphasis on another side of life by providing various helpful, inspirational and entertaining services and tips to our subscribers and travellers all over the globe.

Multiple language editions – multilingual marketing opportunity

Our editorial and marketing team is part of the Tourism Review Media—the leading multilingual platform since 2006, and we completely understand the significance of reaching out to speakers of different languages. Considering that, our publications are available in 10 languages currently, including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese and others. We are always expanding and have plans to cover more travel markets in the future, in order to offer our customers unparalleled opportunity for the multilingual marketing in tourism.

Services at a glance

Among our multi-dimensional offers and tools, some of our featured services include online display advertisement in the tourism industry in the form of the banner, directories, multilingual press release distribution, advertorial contents publishing and distribution, and Search Engine Marketing for tourism business. We also provide a range of services packaged in complex long-term multilingual campaigns, including content marketing, video marketing, display advertising and others across travel markets worldwide.

So if you are passionate about tourism and travel, there is nothing better than our inspiring materials and tools that are only a subscription away. In case of any inquiry or a promotion request, simply submit your feedback through the following contact form.

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