Tourism Review Online Magazine 1 / 2023

Sep 4, 2023

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The summer season is coming to its final weeks and most travelers are coming back home from their vacation. Egypt has been a popular holiday destination for years but now the country works hard to attract even more visitors than before. Ancient history, new findings, as well as a new airport terminal are all coming handy to achieve the goal.

Many holidaymakers choosing Mediterranean destinations may have been hit by the unpleasant heat waves or even the dangerous fires. Climate change and its impact on tourism is the topic of the Environment part.

Hotels big and small are constantly working on improving the guest experience – ranging from unique wellness centers and relaxation areas to hi-tech amenities. The Hospitality part brings more details on this topic.

Hotels, however, are not the only ones that need to continually develop their technology and offer quality wi-fi connection. The whole tourism industry needs to keep up with modern technology and latest developments. Artificial intelligence for instance has been breaking the grounds in many fields, including the travel trade where it may secure more customized services. Read the Technology part.


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Hospitality/ Improving the Hotel Guest Experience

Andrea Hausold

- Sep 4, 2023

Many hotels are constantly working on improving their services to secure the best hotel guest experience. Satisfied visitor often results in a loyal customer. Many of the facilities thus improve their connectivity and technology on offer. Others built gardens and relaxing areas for the weary travelers. Yet others try to improve the obsolete payment methods.

Technology/ Travel Trade Embracing AI and ChatGPT

Samuel Dorsi

- Sep 4, 2023

More and more travel businesses and destination management organizations have discovered the vast benefits of artificial intelligence. AI empowers tourism management in various ways to enhance growth and the customer experience. The technology enables personalization and improves customer service. However, it also represents various challenges.

Environment/ Climate Change Transforming Tourism

Theodore Slate

- Sep 4, 2023

The impact of the climate change on tourism and destinations has become more prominent than ever. Heat waves, forest fires, scarcity of water – all these phenomena scare off visitors and impact the economy of the destinations. Professionals thus look for solutions for more sustainable approach.

Destination/ Egypt – The Land of Pharaohs

Kevin Eagan

- Sep 4, 2023

Egypt is growing in popularity among tourists thanks to its ancient heritage and quality services. While recovering from the impact of the covid restrictions, the government announced ambitious plans to achieve 28 million visitors. Recent ancient findings as well as a new passenger terminal are some of the features expected to boost local tourism industry.