Samuel Dorsi - Sep 04, 2023

Some hotels are tailored explicitly towards catering to the needs and requirements of business travelers. This can be seen as a set of tenets or guidelines that hotels adopt in response to the growing trend of corporate hotel consumption. What are the essential hotel services that a business traveler would appreciate? Here are the top services on the list.

  1. Hotel Location

One of the most important aspects for business travelers is the location of the hotel. Being close to their main destination allows them to save valuable time navigating the city, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency during work-related and leisure activities. Therefore, proximity is crucial for travelers to maximize their valuable time and increase productivity on business trips.

  1. Technology from the Beginning

In today's fast-paced world, cutting-edge technology coupled with streamlined processes are necessary. The sophisticated check-in and check-out applications simplify the guest's experience and enhance the hotel operations. This ensures a seamless and hassle-free stay for guests and enables hotel staff to focus on exceptional service.

  1. Robust, Super-fast and Free Wi-Fi

It is imperative for individuals traveling for business purposes to have access to dependable, swift, and unencumbered Wi-Fi. There must be no restricted areas within a hotel where Wi-Fi access is limited.

  1. Guaranteed Connectivity

It is of the utmost importance to have ample plugs for various devices such as cell phones, tablets, and computers installed throughout the hotel premises, particularly in the hotel rooms. This provision is critical for business travelers with several gadgets to connect and recharge. It is therefore recommended that hotel management ensures enough power outlets to accommodate the needs of their guests.

  1. Accessible Meeting Rooms

One can expect to attend pivotal meetings and presentations when embarking on a business trip. As such, hotels must provide accommodations that cater to these needs. Accessible rooms and well-equipped meeting spaces with cutting-edge audiovisual technology optimize the guest's productivity and overall experience.

  1. Fast and Effective Services

When it comes to business guests, time is money. As such, hotels must ensure that their services are efficient and timely, with a maximum response time of 20 minutes for any requests. This is crucial to ensure that guests can maximize their limited time without unnecessary delays or disruptions. Business travelers are looking for a hotel that truly understands their needs and prioritizes speed and effectiveness in their services.

  1. Healthy Options on the Hotel Menu

When business travelers choose hotel dining, they seek out easily consumable and healthy dishes that don't interfere with their busy schedules. To cater to this demand, hotels specializing in corporate tourism often provide healthy breakfast options and convenient room service choices. By offering these practical dining solutions, hotels can ensure business guests are well-fed and satisfied during their stay.

  1. Well-equipped Gyms and Relaxing Areas

Corporate guests seek hotels with top-notch gyms that are easily accessible, well-equipped, and properly maintained. Additionally, given safety concerns in many cities, business travelers prefer hotels that provide a comfortable and secure environment for unwinding after a long day. A bar or lounge where they can enjoy a drink and relax is a must-have amenity for many such guests. Female travelers also appreciate the wellness area.

  1. Person to Person

One of the distinctive aspects that sets a hotel apart from its competitors is providing personalized experience. Guests appreciate returning to a hotel where the staff know them and their preferences. However, in certain cultures, fully automated hotels are becoming increasingly popular.

  1. Sustainability

An emerging trend in business travel is younger professionals opting for hotels dedicated to sustainable practices. It has been observed that an increasing number of companies now exclusively choose hotels with certification for their sustainable programs when arranging accommodations for their executives and teams.

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