Tourism Review Online Magazine 1 / 2022

Aug 29, 2022

Dear readers,

Two years of the pandemic led to a number of changes, innovations, and openings. New museums, new art galleries, new services for tourists, new technologies. Read the Cities part to explore all the attractions that are on offer in European metropolises for post-covid visitors.

The current era also boosted several niche industries and markets. Explore the Development part presenting cannabis tourism, VR tours, as well as glamping which is mostly for the well-off travelers.

Rich tourists are probably also those who increase the popularity of private jets. This topic is discussed in the Transport part, where you can also learn about the many fabulous night train routes that you can enjoy around Europe.

The Destination segment on the other hand focuses on the less visible regions – African islands – and their struggles with the impact of covid restrictions and war-induced inflation. Still, thanks to their mesmerizing beauty and rich heritage, many of them are on a track to recovery.

Enjoy the latest issue.

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Development / Niche Tourism Trends

Ashley Nault

- Aug 29, 2022

The post-covid times have brought various new trends including in the travel industry. Some are likely to stay, others are bound to disappear. Virtual technology or glamping are expected to firmly establish their positions as their popularity has been growing. On the other hand, gambling tours and cannabis trips may not be for everyone but still they attract lots of attention.

Transport / Traveling Unconventionally

Michael Trout

- Aug 29, 2022

Many travelers love trains and night trains are especially popular among the romantic souls. A number of routes are available around Europe. Other vacationers, focusing on the eco-friendly aspects of traveling may be deterred from cruises but even the cruise companies work hard towards greener and healthier world. Private jets, on the other hand, are quite the opposite, yet they grow in popularity.

Destination / African Islands with Great Potential

Nik Fes

- Aug 29, 2022

Many African islands that were sought after by millions of adventurous visitors plunged into despair once the effects of the pandemic were reflected in the tourism statistics. Today, thanks to their great potential and natural riches, many of them are on the track to recovery.