Wayne M. Gore - Aug 29, 2022

The improvised vaccination and testing centers have disappeared from the London cityscape. But the Corona pandemic is still making itself felt in London, and in a positive way: Tickets are still available these weeks for many concerts and theater gigs that would otherwise sell out quickly.

Museums and art galleries also have plenty of tickets left. Worth seeing, for example, is the large Stonehenge show at the British Museum, where the mysterious stone circle is placed in its contemporary European context. The Courtauld Gallery has a spectacular show of Vincent van Gogh's self-portraits.

In the pandemic, Mayor Sadiq Khan and the boroughs have built new bike lanes in many places and created more space for pedestrians. This makes London travel and exploring the big city on rental bikes, many equipped with electric motors, even more attractive.

In the south of the city, the trendy neighborhoods of Camberwell and Peckham are off the beaten track. The latter district has shed its notorious reputation as a crime hotspot, and comparatively low rents attract young, creative people. Old factory floors offer artists cheap studios, a thriving jazz scene provides atmosphere, as do all kinds of hipster cafés and the former Peckham Levels parking garage, where street bands and food stalls now fight over parking spaces. The Bussey Building attracts visitors with a rooftop bar and comedy shows - Peckham is always worth a trip.

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