Tourism Review Online Magazine 1 / 2021

Aug 30, 2021

Dear readers,

while the travel news is still mostly about decreased visitor numbers, the recovery of the industry is in full swing in many destinations. Tourism marketing is thus of the highest importance for many authorities trying to attract the visitors back. Some cities on the other hand rather chose a different direction and employ the so-called demarketing strategies.

Marketing goes hand in hand with travel technologies. The post-covid era has brought numerous developments and new projects in the tech field in an effort to facilitate the life of travel business managers. Travelers also have a range of apps and extended reality tourism options on how to explore destinations before visiting them in person.

Another trend boosted by the pandemic is the drive for sustainability. Holidaymakers seek destinations which they can explore responsibly and in an eco-friendlier way. Some countries have thus launched a widespread sustainability campaign to support the concept, help local communities, and preserve nature.

Mesmerizing natural wealth is one of the highlights of Turkey, a popular travel destination, which is slowly recovering from the effects of the health crisis. Historic cities, culinary experiences, beautiful beaches are still there attracting currently mostly domestic visitors and holidaymakers from Arab countries.


Enjoy the issue and have a safe journey wherever you go.

Tourism Review Team


Marketing/Post-pandemic Tourism Marketing

Andrew J. Wein

- Aug 30, 2021

Tourism marketing is getting ready for the post-pandemic times of ongoing recovery. While it may seem logical that destinations make extensive efforts to attract visitors, some cities are quite pleased when the travelers head elsewhere, and even employ the so-called demarketing strategies. For other destinations, millennials and families are those that are expected to boost the recovery as well as the travel metasearch engines.

Tourism Sector/Sustainable Travel Trends

Joe McClain

- Aug 30, 2021

Sustainable travel has grown in popularity, even more so during the pandemic. People want to be more responsible and eco-friendlier when on holiday. Germany and Portugal are two countries that have launched a country-wide campaign to boost sustainable travel. More destinations have joined their efforts.

Tech/Travel & Hospitality Technologies

Justin N. Froyd

- Aug 30, 2021

Technology has always been an important part of the tourism industry. Travel businesses benefit greatly from various tools and apps that help run their facilities and cut operating costs. Travelers on the other hand have more and more technological tools how to explore destinations without visiting them in person. The post-covid era however has moved travel technology to yet another level.

Destination: Turkey

Cecilia Garland

- Aug 30, 2021

Turkey has always been a highly popular destination for its splendid beaches, breathtaking nature, as well as historical sights. The pandemic has hit the country and its tourism industry hard, as in most of the world. Turkey, however, has been recovering fast attracting mostly domestic visitors and Arab tourists.