Chris Grad - Aug 30, 2021

Germany has always been an important market for the tourism sector globally and with German travelers gradually resuming international travel, GlobalData notes that tourism organizations would be wise to focus on tourists from the European country.

Luxury Tourism Potential

Germany is a very powerful and rich market. In this context it must be said that it has a lot of potential also due to the high income of German households, with over quarter of them earning more than 50 thousand euros gross per year.

Coincidentally, German travelers have more to spend and are thus more likely to afford products of luxury tourism as well as travel to more exotic and expensive destinations.

Gastronomic Experiences

Moreover, since 30 % of Germans have started cooking meals or have increased the amount of time they spend in the kitchen, many of them will more appreciate various cuisines and meals after the pandemic, which could increase the demand for specialized culinary trips.

This can also be connected to the culture of a destination. With 22% Germans typically going on cultural trips, gastronomic experiences could be an interesting addition to improve the overall impression and experience of a vacation.

Neighboring Countries in Advantage?

Interestingly enough, more than half of German travelers are keen on familiar or trustworthy products, which is, for obvious reasons, also an important aspect in the tourism sector.

As a result of this, neighboring countries and countries closer culturally to Germany like Austria or Switzerland have an advantage with regards to Germany as a source market.

However, this does not mean that other countries do not stand a chance. What destinations can do is to try to replicate an experience that Germans deem ‘familiar’ in their own context.

For example, nearly half of Germans (42 %) are leaning towards digital transactions. This is an important indicator for markets looking to attract Germans, as they would be very wise to guarantee the possibility of online payment for their product.

As a result, German travelers will feel more at home and will believe the product more. This will benefit the tourist, who will have a positive experience, but also the product provider, who will receive a competitive and important client.

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