Justin N. Froyd - Aug 29, 2022

Join the Locals and Explore the Outdoors Berlin Travel Options

Berliners have always been outdoor people. The first rays of sunshine and, poof, they're already sitting in front of the café. Of course, the pandemic has intensified this, as you had to sip your drink on the sidewalk during the various lockdowns.

Now the bars are open again, but the park is still the living room as before. Visitors who want to explore the Berlin travel options soon notice that more people hang out outdoors. Local bridges have become even bigger attractions than before - certainly the nice quiet ones like the Admiralbrücke in Kreuzberg or the small ones over the Landwehrkanal in Neukölln.

In the evening, the beer from the Späti is enough. With a beer in hand and a second bottle in your pocket, you can join each other on the larger bridges. It is neither homey at Warschauer Straße above the S-Bahn tracks nor at Kottbusser Brücke. But the view is worth it.

Of course, no one needs to bring their own liquids to the currently popular Neuköllner Reuterkiez. Sudanese food, bars, small bakeries, stores - it's all there. On the walls of the houses, you can sometimes see a call for anarchy, reminiscent of Kreuzberg when it used to be even wilder.

If you like it more structured and efficient, book one of the many Berlin travel food tours. Whether börek or currywurst, the whole range is offered, and there's city history on top. You can then pedal off the calories right in the city center at Tempelhofer Feld. Renting a bike and doing a few laps on the tarmac of an old airport is something you can only do in Berlin.

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