Bill Alen - Sep 4, 2022
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Thomas Lengfelder, Chairman of the Berlin Hotel and Restaurant Association (Dehoga), expects record sales for his industry in September. The feedback from the hotels in Berlin is consistently positive. All forecasts assumed near-full occupancy. "It's going to be a dream month," says Lengfelder.

September is always one of the strongest months for the hospitality industry, he says, because many events take place in Berlin. Lengfelder cites, for example, the International Radio Exhibition (Ifa) and the Innotrans transport trade show as crowd pullers. But the Germans' desire to travel after the Corona pandemic and the fading summer also play a role, according to Lengfelder.

For October, on the other hand, hotels in Berlin have reported mixed forecasts. Sales forecasts are far below those for September - but there is still some uncertainty. "In the past, you could make good statements three months in advance," says Lengfelder. "Today, guests are booking on shorter notice."

However, he is not worried about any new Corona measures. Apart from a mask requirement, he does not expect any restrictions in the hospitality industry.

As far as the short-term nature of bookings is concerned, experts agree with Langenfelder. Many travelers book only a few days in advance.

Internet searches could also confirm Lengenfelder's assumption: Anyone looking for a hotel room for the entire month of September on can only choose from among 60 rooms. 95 percent of the accommodations are no longer available, according to the online travel agency.

It is unclear, however, whether this figure is correct - or whether it is just intended to tempt customers into making a quick purchase.

The situation for vacation homes is similar. Only three percent of the accommodations are still available according to the Internet site Fewo-direkt.

And Airbnb also reportedly has hardly any capacity left. In September, only 79 accommodations are still available. By comparison, in October there are still 978. Accommodations that are still available are either very expensive, very decentrally located - or both. Like, for example, the "private room in Michendorf", which is actually just a mattress with an awning over it and costs just under 28 euros per night. Alternatively, there is still a small apartment near the Kurfürstendamm for just under 170 euros per night.

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