Theodore Slate - Nov 20, 2023
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Once considered one of the finest luxury hotels in Berlin, the Brandenburger Hof has seen a decline in recent years. In 2013, it was taken over by Dormero, but its current rating on Booking is only 6.6. Furthermore, it is currently not available for Booking by guests. The Berlin Senate is using it to provide accommodation for asylum seekers.

According to reports from various German media outlets, the hotel has welcomed 100 asylum seekers from Syria, Afghanistan, and Turkey, with 166 total expected to arrive. The State Office for Refugees (LAF) announced that they would pay the hotel a daily rate of 56.36 euros per person, which includes a meal allowance of 13.84 euros, even for those staying in shared rooms.

Hostels and hotels are more cost-effective than larger accommodations, like the former Tegel Airport site. With this rate, the hotel on Eislebener Straße can expect to receive 9,462 euros per day and 283,860 euros per month for housing 166 asylum seekers.

Berlin is providing much more accommodation for asylum seekers than was initially announced. As of November 13th, currently 2,912 places are available according to the Senate Department for Social Affairs and Integration. Around 75% of these places are occupied.

In September, Social Senator Cansel Kiziltepe announced that about 1,500 places should be available for refugees by the end of the year through renting rooms in hotels and hostels. However, the number of places has already exceeded the target, with contracts signed with eleven companies. The accommodation for asylum seekers ranges from single rooms to multi-bed rooms that can accommodate up to six people, as stated by the social administration.

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