Lisa Wallin - Aug 29, 2022

Often described as a "nature sanctuary" for its rich fauna and flora, Madagascar, like economies aware of their potential, dreams of a tourism revival. And this, was after the numbers plummeted to 87,100 tourists and 176.85 million euros revenues in 2020, against the records of 486,000 tourists for 849.49 million euros in 2019.

Following the trend observed during the first months of the year, the Madagascar tourism ministry is optimistic and expects that visitors from France, Germany, and South Africa - the main source countries - will reach 70% of the total number of tourists in July. But in addition, the Big Island is currently deploying a new sectoral recovery plan targeting countries on the African continent, as well as India and Eastern Europe. This will allow diversifying the source markets and guarantee a certain level of performance.

Known for its success in cruise tourism, Madagascar also intends to progress in this segment, counting in particular on the label of "Safe Travel", recently granted to the Big Island by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) and recognizing the quality of its hygiene protocols applied to the tourism business.

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