Cecilia Garland - Sep 04, 2023

Experts suggest that advancements in artificial intelligence, like ChatGPT technology, can revolutionize entire industries. How is the travel industry responding to this, and how will it impact travelers?

ChatGPT technology, an AI-powered assistant, recommends vacationers and suggests personalized excursions. As AI technology develops in the tourism industry, it will change how people plan and book their trips. However, this does not necessarily mean that AI will replace human employees. Travel agency employees may eventually use AI to assist customers better. Generative AI, including text robots like ChatGPT, can create new content based on user specifications and existing information. While it may replace specific tasks, it is unlikely to replace jobs.

Skilled Workers Remain Essential despite ChatGPT

According to experts, qualified specialists will remain indispensable in the future. The software helps, for example, create customer newsletters. However, AI cannot replace the experience and expertise of travel specialists but can only serve as support. About every second, users can access ChatGPT in the app in a test, for example, to receive personalized suggestions for excursions.

ChatGPT, an AI-powered assistant, has the potential to streamline and automate complex workflows in the long run. However, it's important to note that AI cannot replace human intuition when creating products. While ChatGPT technology can be a helpful asset for tour operators, a fully automated approach may not be feasible. It's crucial for travel agency experts to understand their client's preferences and needs to provide personalized and tailored offers.

Opportunities in the Fight Against a Skilled Worker Shortage

Opportunities abound for solving the shortage of skilled workers in the tourism industry. One such solution is automation, whether through simple or artificial means. Employees can focus on more engaging activities by handling basic tasks.

Integrating personalized guidance and assistance with AI support is crucial for future success. Currently, some travel companies utilize AI for customer communication, allowing us to provide customers with appropriate offers at the perfect moment.

Tourism industry stakeholders must only depend on AI-generated results if they have been tested. It is crucial that employees not only follow data protection regulations but also verify the accuracy, security, and plausibility of the results before utilizing them further.

Personal Customer Contact Remains Important

For travel providers using ChatGPT to automate complex workflows, it's essential to maintain a line of communication with customers. In the future, direct contact with those responsible for specific destinations will also be necessary. Despite AI's benefits, personal customer interaction is crucial and cannot be replaced.

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