Lisa Wallin - Sep 04, 2023

When choosing a hotel, tourists consider various factors such as price, benefits, and proximity to the historic center of a city or beach. Ultimately, the choice depends on what the hotel guests are seeking.

Recently, hotel visitors have shown a growing interest in environmentally conscious accommodations. As per a report by AccorHotels, 33% of guests consider hotels with gardens to be precious. This may be attributed to various factors such as the pleasing views or the opportunities for outdoor activities.

A list of reasons has been shared by experts explaining why hotels with gardens are tempting for hotel guests who spend their vacation in a particular location:

Outdoor Activities

During some trips, you may have downtime to rest or engage in unique activities. Hotels with well-maintained outdoor areas can utilize these spaces for activities such as Pilates, yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, or ball sports. Additionally, reading is a popular hobby that sees a resurgence during the summer months.

Garden as a Decorative and Landscape Element

Throughout history, the grand palaces of various monarchies have boasted vast gardens revered by both royalty and visitors alike for their ability to promote tranquility and inner peace. Hotels strive to replicate this feeling for their guests by offering stunning landscapes and stroll opportunities when guests are not exploring the area.

Ecological Space

An increasing number of guests nowadays value hotels that prioritize environmental sustainability. Such hotels take measures to preserve the ecosystem by planting trees and grass in their surroundings. Some even create orchards where guests can participate in planting activities.

Lower the Temperature of the Location

During the summer, temperatures in many destinations can be quite high. It is helpful to have vegetation around your accommodation, as it provides shade and alleviates the oppressive sensation of heat.

Enjoying Picnics on the Garden Lawn

Having a family snack on a picnic tablecloth under the shade of trees is a comforting and familiar experience. Providing this facility on a hot and tiring afternoon would greatly serve the hotel guests. They could relish the well-maintained lawn and pleasant shade while enjoying sandwiches and watching their children play.

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