Gregory Dolgos - Nov 14, 2011

Kauai, or the Garden Island, may be one of the less known Hawaiian Islands; all the more reason to appreciate its beauty and tranquil charm and discover local famous Napali Coast.

Visiting Hawaii is a dream-come-true for many. While Maui and Oahu belong to the most frequented islands, Kauai remains slightly hidden as it is the northernmost of all.

Hard-core hikers will have heard about its most significant feature, the Napali Coast. This 11-mile stretch of cliffs is what makes the place so unique and many visitors come here longing to explore it. However, it is a very difficult and often traitorous terrain and should be handled with the utmost respect. Not to spread panic, though, the Napali Coast presents a magnificent piece of nature, and those willing to explore it have several options to choose from.

One of the most popular is naturally hiking. The dramatic Kalalau Trail has become a local tourist highlight, though the cliffs may get muddy and slippery and rushing is certainly a bad idea. Ideally, hikers should hire an experienced guide who will safely take them across in two days. Helicopter flights are the most comfortable and quickest way, though the expense is more significant.

Kayaking along the coast is, of course, another option, yet fighting through 10 miles may be too tiring even for a well-trained sports fan.

A compromise offers itself, which is both exciting as well as a little demanding: catamaran tours. There are several services to select from and groups may spend all day cruising through the coastal waters, admiring the view whilst listening to local who shares the history and stories of interest.

Kauai is a tranquil island yet its natural treasures are indeed plentiful. And for many, a visit here becomes a truly rewarding experience.

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