Gregory Dolgos - Jan 23, 2012
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Stars and starlets gather there as its fame and popularity is widespread; the Caribbean paradise ‘for celebrities’ is called St. Barths.

The Caribbean islands have a long standing reputation of a place of striking natural beauty. Of course, such reputation does not go unnoticed and for many years, travelers gather there to enjoy the scenic views, pristine waters, indigenous cultures and unlimited sun.

St. Barths or Saint Barthélemy has often been described as one of the most beautiful islands which – thanks to its atmosphere and splendor – appeals specifically to celebrities and billionaires.

The volcanic rock island is not particularly big, and a 2-hour car drive suffices to tour the entire island. What it lacks in size, it makes up in the charms of local scenery. The countryside is scarcely populated and it seems there is nothing but panoramic vistas all over the island.

Hiking and trekking are very popular, as well as rock climbing. Thanks to local terrain, devoted climbers will find varying difficulty and challenge for their efforts. Cycling has also become a favorite sport of local holiday makers.

Walking along the clean beaches while observing the sunset and the glamorous yachts is an experience on its own and for a bit of night life and excitement, the island capital, Gustavia, is the place to be. The French city is a designer’s domain, which is bound to melt a woman’s heart.

Its picturesque streets, sidewalk cafés and bakeries are simply marvelous. The island is French; however English is widely spoken and there are many English speaking guides who will help visitors explore the island.

St. Barths may be a reputed celebrity paradise, yet it certainly should not be perceived exclusively as such. It is a wonderful place welcoming to all who come to enjoy their time there.

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