Pat Hyland - Aug 1, 2011
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Norway’s natural charm and beautiful fjords have inspired many a poet and novelist. Especially the Lofoten Islands are considered a paradise and while perhaps the conditions may seem a bit rough there in the Arctic Circle, the place is simply a must to visit.

Where to find midnight sun, magical fjords and green meadows, picturesque fishing villages and purple mountains spreading around as if to protect all this beauty? Norwegian Lofoten Islands are home to some fantastic natural gems and for thousands of years have retained their unrivalled charm and magic.

The main islands most frequented by tourists are Austvagoy, Vestvagoy, Flakstad and Moskenes; it is there where hiking and climbing fans flock followed by writers and poets who seek inspiration and perhaps a bit of peace.

The midnight sun presents an appealing phenomenon many long to experience. In Leknes, for example, the sun remains above the horizon between 26th May and 17th July. Visitors often head for any of the western beaches to witness this puzzling occurrence; the most popular are Utakleiv and Eggum beach on the Vestvagoy Island.

Incidentally, the Utakleiv beach is considered one of the most romantic beaches in Europe.  Naturally, if there is a midnight sun, there is bound to be a polar night. It lasts from 9th December to 4th January and temperatures are not exactly friendly. However, it is possible to see the Northern Lights from there – an experience unlike any other.

Lofoten Islands are admired not only for local wondrous scenery, but also for the charming fishing villages, which have retained their specific character for centuries. Henningsvaer and Nusfjord are prime examples and a must for any visitor to Lofoten. Travelers who long to discover the Viking roots of the islands will not regret a visit to the Lofotr Viking Museum in Borg, on the Vestvagoy Island.

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