Gregory Dolgos - Jan 24, 2011
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Norway is popular with tourists because of its wonderful sceneries and beautiful countryside. One of the favorite spots for tourists is Geirangerfiord. Tourists hiking in the area can climb mountains or go rafting there.


Fiords in Norway are well-known. They are admired by people all over the world. One of the fiords that attract many tourists is called Geirangerfiord and certainly belongs among the world wonders of nature. As such, it has been listed by UNESCO. Village Geiranger in a small bay is one of the most popular tourism destinations in Norway during the summer season. It is the starting point for hiking trips as well as an ideal destination for rafting, canoeing and mountain biking.

As points out, for many visitors Geiranger is only a stop on the Golden Route that goes from Andalsnes to Geiranger. The tour takes hikers through gorges and mountain passes in the Norwegian wilderness. Not only people but also trolls who guard their treasures in the mountains are said to live in the region.

Not far from Andalsnes the route turns to Trollveggen, Troll Wall. With some 1,200 meters, it is the tallest vertical rock wall in Europe. In 1980s, base jumping, one of the adrenaline sports, started there. People jumped from the rock and opened their parachutes only after they gained sufficient speed. After a few people were killed while performing the sport, Norwegian authorities banned it. Climbing the rock wall is, however, still allowed. The first person climbed it already in 1965.

Not far from there, hikers can find Stigfossen, a beautiful waterfall which falls 320 meters down the mountain side. From the top of 1500-meter-high Dalsnibba mountain, visitors can get one of the most spectacular views of the area. Because of that the mountain is very popular with tourists.

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