Anna Luebke - Nov 15, 2010
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Those who long to see the Northern Lights or its unrivalled autumn beauty and learn about the character of local Sami people come to Lapland full of excitement and anticipation. All return with more than they had ever hoped for.


Lapland seems to belong to the past. It is an Arctic wilderness which is undoubtedly the last of its kind in Europe. The region located in the far north of Sweden is home to some 40 families of the indigenous Sami people, who have lived in these parts for thousands of years. Tourists who value peace, tranquility, breathtaking charm and pure natural wonder are hopelessly attracted there. Local natural parks feature the highest of Swedish peaks, unrivalled autumn beauty, as well as the miracle of the Aurora.

There are several national parks worth visiting, with many popular trails of varying difficulty. The Sarek National Park features over 100 glaciers, majestic alpine peaks, breathtaking valleys and white rivers; it is a marvelous experience, however, hikers ought to keep in mind it is not easy to access. Visitors will find no marked trails and need to be confident in this kind of terrain; there are no cabins to take shelter in, so all necessary equipment needs to be carried along.

The Peiljkaise National Park, on the other hand, is a much friendlier place with many hiking trails and cabins; Abisco is also easily accessible, and is the starting and finishing point of the infamous King’s Trail, a 440 kilometer-long trail leading through Lapland. Bird watchers often head for Muddus, a beautiful virgin forest and marshland where hundreds of birds nest. Arjeplog with more than 8,000 lakes also earns its place at the top of the list; Lapland simply seems to be a remnant of a different time and a different world.

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