Cecilia Garland - Oct 3, 2011
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Sweden has a reputation of a strikingly beautiful country which produces ice-hockey talents, yet not many perceive it as a world class rafting destination. However, experts agree that for some of the best rafting, they head for the Kaitum River in Sweden.

Swedish folk are proud of their striking landscapes, thousands of lakes and green mountains. However, there is one more aspect of this beautiful land adrenalin seekers will appreciate, even if less known – local rivers. The country features some of the best rafting in Europe. There are several adventure companies which offer professional guidance through the rough parts.

Ideally, rafting fans start in Kiruna, which is fairly easily accessible by air. To reach the exhilarating top of the mountain river of Kaitum, one has to take a helicopter to arrive and Tjuonajokk, which is literally an untouched land where there are no roads, no people, only indescribable nature, the white river and crystal-clear lakes. The river flows through Lappland and takes approximately 106 km before it flows in the Kalix River.

There are three lakes on the Kaitum, which offer a very welcome chance to take a breath and calm down while rafting down Class IV rapids above the Arctic line. All who have visited this part of Sweden agree, this land is truly untouched, undisturbed. The ride may get wild and even adrenalin seekers will hold their breath while going down huge rollers often in the speed of 50 to 60 km per hour.

Such a rafting adventure may take up to five days, with nights spent under the big starry skies in warm tents stretched on the riverside.

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