Glacier Cruise in Norway Explores Frostisen and Nordre Folgefonna

Bill Alen - Jun 30, 2015
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One cannot say that he has lived life to the fullest if he has not witnessed and experienced the beauty of the glaciers yet. These glorious creations by Mother Nature are best spotted by taking a cruise. From the end of a cycle all the way to the reformation of the ice blocks, marveling the idyllic scenery is a kind of passing that cannot be missed. 

For every cruise passenger, here’s a quick list of highly accessible glaciers through a cruise escapade around Norway. 

Norway and the Scenic Svalbard Islands

Begin by taking a cruise by the coast of Norway. This best guarantees every passenger to finally, for a long moment, become one with the glaciers and immerse to be renewed by its sentience. Over 1,600 glaciers await in this part of Norway which encompasses the Jostedal Glacier, continental Europe’s largest glacier that comes together with the brilliant ice formations on the offshore mainland country, on the uncharted Svalbard Islands. These islands are nestled cozily somewhat in the Arctic Ocean; they are the humble abode to the rapidly calving Monaco Glacier. Some of the major expedition ships here come from the Lindblad-National Geographic, Quark Expeditions, Silversea and Hurtigruten. 

Jostedalsbreen Glaciers

Get to adore the glaciers from afar or witness them closely by embarking on a glacier hiking experience. With locals together with highly qualified guides, one will be in awe of the intense sky blue colored living glacier formations. The collection of these glaciers in Jostedalsbreen happens to be the largest area for locals and tourists alike to enjoy all kinds of glacier-based activities.

Nestled side by side with the Olden glaciers of Norway, every cruise escapade becomes more worthwhile and unforgettable should one choose to touchdown to make the perfect snowy interim. This kind of privilege also gives an overlooking view of other glaciers like the Briksdalsbreen, Nigardsbreen, Bodalsbreen and Kjenndalsbreen. Quite the vantage point, to say the least.


Frostisen is among the famous glaciers along the bordering municipalities of Narvik and Ballangen in Nordland County in Norway, which are also prominent cruise ports for hiking-enthusiasts. It is the largest plateau type glaciers in the country that covers over 25 square kilometers of the geographic dimensions. With the elevations of the glacier ranging from 800 to 1,750 meters above the sea level, it makes an ideal arena for travelers who love to take on different extreme glacier sports. 

Nordre Folgefonna

One to surely not miss would be the Nordre Folgefonna glacier of mainland Norway. It is the northernmost of all the three glaciers making up the entirety of Folgefonna nestled in the Hardanger Peninsula of Hordaland County. While it boasts similar characteristics as the Frostisen glaciers, it has one of the most stunning niceties with it lying almost entirely inside the Folgefonna National Park. Don't forget to visit the Jondal and Ullensvang municipalities, too, where the locals will warm every guest with soulful companionship.

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