Tourism Review Online Magazine 3 / 2015

Jun 30, 2015

Dear readers

Tourism Review Online Magazine, the July issue, comes to your hands full of travel inspiration. Centuries long history, Buddhist temples and Giant Pandas – the Destination supplement presents the Sichuan province in China. Let us invite you into the world of breath taking wilderness and fascinating culture. The Heritage part is prepared for all the history buffs that want to spend their holiday in a heritage hotel. Explore some of the best places keeping the past in mind.

Safety of tourists is discussed now more than ever thanks to several recent incidents. The Ethical supplement presents four destinations answering the question of their security for travelers. The Professional part on the other hand focuses on city tourism and the popularity of cities in the modern age of traveling. Adventure seekers will love the Transport supplement presenting the best glacier cruise destinations. Enjoy the issue and have a lovely summer!

Milada Sovadinova



HERITAGE/ Hotels with Heritage at Heart

Denise Chen

- Jun 30, 2015

What else will enhance the traveler’s holiday experience than a true heritage hotel with fascinating history and inviting presence? Explore a number of remarkable heritage hotels around Asia and Europe and get ready for a unique stay in a hotel full of history.

PROFESSIONAL/ The Boom of City Tourism

Tomas Haupt

- Jun 30, 2015

Big or small, young or old – cities have always been popular destinations among tourists. Today, some cities not only have to cope with masses of visitors but also decide whether they go for preservation or development.

ETHICAL/ Safe Tourists Are Happy Tourists

Cecilia Garland

- Jun 30, 2015

Security of tourists is one of the greatest problems in countries like Egypt and Mexico. Still, with proper precautions travelers can enjoy fabulous holidays in these regions as well as in Brazil and India. Read what to do when traveling to a dangerous destination.

TRANSPORT/ Best Glacier Cruise Destinations

Ashley Nault

- Jun 30, 2015

Cruising secures fabulous experience on its own. Exploring glaciers while on a cruise is one step further. Alaska, Iceland, Norway and even Chile offer a number of remarkable glaciers for adventure travelers and nature lovers.

DESTINATION/ Sichuan – Gourmet Food and Giant Panda

James Morris

- Jun 30, 2015

Sichuan is a province best known as the home of Giant Panda as well as the Giant Buddha statue. Several UNESCO sites, historic temples, stunning wilderness – Sichuan attracts travelers of various tastes, be it culture, history or nature.