HERITAGE/ Hotels with Heritage at Heart

What else will enhance the traveler’s holiday experience than a true heritage hotel with fascinating history and inviting presence? Explore a number of remarkable heritage hotels around Asia and Europe and get ready for a unique stay in a hotel full of history.


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Remarkable Heritage Hotels with Eastern European Charm

James Morris

Eastern Europe is a region full of history and mystique, something which really shows in its architecture and the historic buildings which make countries like Poland and the Czech Republic attractive to foreign tourists, even those from their neighboring countries in Europe as well as Asia. While the everyday tourist might want to simply stay in regular accommodations in the main city areas, it is undeniably true that these countries have a lot more to offer when it comes to their beautiful and...
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Pousada de Óbidos: A Romantic Marriage of Old and New

Theodore Slate

Heading off to a Portuguese village for a romantic holiday or anniversary trip is an attractive prospect and the settlement of Obidos, known as the “wedding present town”, has an interesting accommodation option on offer in the form of the Pousada de Óbidos. This small hotel, which embraces the style of the boutique pousadas, was the first of a growing line of unusual establishments to adapt and celebrate a historical landmark and has done so with Obidos castle, a site named as one the 7 wonders...
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Discover Heritage in the Best Asian Hotels

Sara Thopson

Asia has some of the world's most breathtaking hospitality hotspots in the world. With locations steeped in colonial after effects and architectural designs that were truly a marvel in its time and still continue to be so, these heritage hotels are certainly worth a visit at least once in a lifetime. Here is a historic overview of some of the best heritage hotels in Asia.  Raffles Singapore (Singapore) Established in 1887 by Armenian brothers Martin and Tigran Sarkies, the 5 star Raffles Hot...