ETHICAL/ Safe Tourists Are Happy Tourists

Security of tourists is one of the greatest problems in countries like Egypt and Mexico. Still, with proper precautions travelers can enjoy fabulous holidays in these regions as well as in Brazil and India. Read what to do when traveling to a dangerous destination.



Stay Safe and Sound in Mexico City

Justin N. Froyd

It's fun to tell your friends that you're going to Mexico City just to watch how they respond. There's so much stigma attached to the place that if you have decided on visiting Mexico City, chances are you will find at least 10 people on the same trying to detract you from making the trip. Is it really a bad idea to visit Mexico City on vacation? The answer is a resounding no. When the facts are separated from fiction, Mexico City is much safer than many cities in North America. In fact while...

India Prioritizes Female Safety as Traveler Numbers Continue to Fall

Theodore Slate

India's tourism ministry should be celebrating the fact that total foreign tourists numbers were up in 2014, by around 10%, but this is soured by the fact that numbers of foreign females traveling to India are down from 41.2% to 40.8%. This may not seem like a massive decline and optimistic officials might look at the rise in female travelers from the US, UK and Sri Lanka in 2014 as positive growth. However, there are still markets in decline – such as Germany and Russia – and the security of...

Egyptian Tourism Suffers Hard Thanks to Attacks on Visitors

Gregory Dolgos

It is a fact that Egypt is blessed with some alluring tourist sites; it is also a fact that Jihadists have a long winding history of striking these sites. Such acts do hurt the government by denying it the much needed revenue emanating from tourism. Though unsuccessful, two recent attacks tend to suggest that Jihadists are once again up to no good and are keen on disrupting the tourism industry. On June 10, Egyptian police in Luxor averted an armed assault near one of Egypt’s most popular tou...

Enjoy Brazil but Take the Right Safety Precautions

Wayne M. Gore

Brazil is a country that continues to rate highly on the must-see lists of travelers with its sun-soaked beaches, stunning landscapes and vibrant culture and foreign tourists will be keen to travel to Rio in 2016 to see what sort of spectacle the city can create for the Olympic games. The problem is that the country is struggling with poverty, protests and increased violence and official reports and guidelines, such as those from the British Foreign Office, make the country seem like a particul...