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One of the biggest attractions of Norway is aurora borealis, commonly known as the Northern Lights. The local tourist board recently, Innovation Norway, announced a new mobile app that will help visitors to experience this natural phenomenon.

A new mobile app has been launched by Innovation Norway, which informs and predicts users of the chances of witnessing the Northern Lights. To make sure it attracts a great install base, this app has been made available on android as well as iOS platforms, and is free to download.

As per scientific data, the year 2013 was a record year for visibility of the Northern Lights, and the campaign tries to take advantage of this very fact. As per the climatic data, 2014-15 should also be a great year to view this amazing natural occurrence.

Even though Norway is not the only country from where Northern Lights can be seen, as per Per-Arne Tiftin, the director of tourism, arctic Norway is the best place in the world for enjoying this experience. Visit Norway thus created the Norway Lights mobile app, which is available in nine Norwegian cities.

The app also provides other information that can be helpful for travelers. They can get local accommodation, maps, and travel information directly from Wiki Travel and Wikipedia.

The Norway Lights app shows, how a less famous holiday destination can promote itself in a unique way, to attract visitors. It also is reflective of the strategy of Innovation Norway, which focuses mainly on endorsing nature and natural phenomenon. Even though Norway’s digital strategy is still weak, all efforts have been put into generating a strong brand identity.  

The careful branding and good planning that has been a part of DMO’s content strategy, has worked wonders. More than 1,500 submissions have been received for the Visit Norway campaign, and this campaign has been shown on Norway’s channels more than 1.5 million times. The campaign has also earned good international press coverage. Visit Norway has also managed to engage well with the social media. 


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