Tomas Haupt - Jul 18, 2011
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The Norwegian capital, Oslo, is a popular destination for history lovers since it offers a variety of museums.

Holiday in Norway is definitely a wonderful experience, no matter if you are after sightseeing or hiking. The capital city, Oslo, is one of the most popular destinations in the country thanks to a range of attractions on offer.

There is for example the Opera & Ballet building that has been opened in 2008. This architectonic marvel has become the symbol of the city. If you take the Radhusgata it will lead you to the city hall. It was built in 1950 and is important because it is the place where the Nobel price is awarded on 10th December every year. There is one of the biggest clocks in Europe on one of the city hall towers. The clock is 9-meter wide in diameter and the minute hand is 5.7-meter long.

Ships take tourists from there to the Bygdøy peninsula, nicknamed the Museum Peninsula of Oslo, where the official summer residence of the king is located. An open air museum allows visitors to see the houses of people who lived there in the past. There is also a wooden church.

One of the most famous museums on the peninsula is Kon-Tiki which was founded by the famous ethnographer and adventurer Thor Heyerdahl. The museum is named after his voyage on a replica of an Inca raft, which Heyerdahl made in 1947. The museum presents things the voyagers used as well as the remains of the raft.

Another interesting museum focuses on the Vikings and a visitor can admire for example preserved ships of the great warriors there. Another interesting sight is the Akershus Fortress built in 1290 which is still used by the military. Nevertheless, it is open to public, who can visit two military museums as well as the tomb of some members of the royal family.

The most famous street in the city is Karl Johans Gate. As Etrend.sk reports, it is full of restaurants, street artists and tourists. If you are thirsty you should know that prices are quite high there, half a liter of beer is approximately 9 euros. At the end of the main street there is the royal palace which is not very old as it was finished only in 1849. Other interesting places in the street are the national theatre and the parliament.

People who need to relax and are fed up with walking through streets might visit the Frognerpark, a public park that occupies some 320,000 square meters. Another nice destination is the lake Sognsvann just outside of Oslo which is easy to reach by the public transport.

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