Tomas Haupt - Aug 16, 2010
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Hawaii has been experiencing an increase in tourism in recent times. More tourists have been arriving, from more and more destinations and with more money. A generally improving economy is thought to be the main factor behind the good news.


Hawaii has recently enjoyed an upsurge in tourism. In figures, the islands famous for grass skirts and a mixture of ham and pineapple have achieved a 7.3% increase in the amounts of visitors. The joy is further increased with the news that these visitors have been spending 16.1% more than in recent years. Improved economic conditions around the globe, particularly in North America and the Pacific, have been the causes of the upturn in fortunes.

Indeed, Americans have somewhat overcome their fear of spending more money and are beginning to get over the global crisis. It is true that Hawaii belongs to the USA yet traveling there is almost equivalent to going abroad, something that American citizens tended not to do in 2009 as holidays were seen to be an unnecessary luxury.

Greater revenue has been generated thanks to two main factors: the emergence of China as a source of inbound tourism and the increase in the amount of Japanese tourists in Hawaii. The less stringent visa regulations and new visa programs introduced by the US government have aided both elements. There has been a 47.8% increase in the amount of Japanese tourists in Hawaii. This is particularly important, as the Japanese are renowned for their spending habits.

The Chinese market is also of great significance as it is new and blossoming with potential. If Hawaii can tempt the richer Chinese to visit then the level of revenue can exceed all expectations without really too much effort.

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