Remarkable Destination: Aberdeen Floating Village in Hong Kong

Tourism Review News Desk - Dec 31, 2012
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Hong Kong being known for its very picturesque sceneries and harbors is home to the floating village in Aberdeen also known as one of the most famous floating villages in the world. The village is located right at the Aberdeen Harbor and is the home of almost 600 junks giving shelter to almost 6,000 people.

At first glance one could immediately see and feel the history of this once busy place. It is undoubtedly one of the most famous tourist attractions because of the beautiful sceneries and the most delicious seafood that they have to offer.

The British were the ones to first set foot on Hong Kong and it was here, in Aberdeen's harbor where they arrived and that is why they named it Hong Kong which means a Fragrant Harbor. Since the second century, junk has been used by Japanese as an important vessel for their fishing industry. Because the marine and fishing industry of Hong Kong became very popular the villages were formed the so called boat people. They are mainly Tanka - a group of people who have settled in Hong Kong between the 7th up until the 9th century.

The fishing industry continued to grow more and more and the village grew more in population from 2,000 to 150,000 people. But because of the continuing advancements and perks of modernization, the fishing village in Aberdeen shrunk to its lowest. The community was decreased due to the development and increase in the cost of fishing. What was once home to the villagers became just a mere boat for fishing. Nowadays, people would only go to their boat to fish during the day. But even though modernization has affected this beautiful village, it never was enough to overpower its beauty and its rich history and culture.

A visit of the Aberdeen floating village could give you a mixture of modernization and tradition. Traditional boats and modern yachts float in the harbor at the same time – a perfect example that modernity and tradition can coexist harmonically. Because of this, Aberdeen floating village has been one of photographers' favorite subjects to take a picture of. From people wearing traditional dresses and clothing to the modern equipment and vessels seen on one side, it's a perfect contrast. Tourists will definitely enjoy the sampan rides especially offered for tourists to explore the harbor and other famous places in Aberdeen. The perfect time to visit Aberdeen Floating Village would be early in the morning where streets are not yet crowded with people and vehicles.

Sampan rides are offered by Tanka people for tourists. It is a thirty minute ride along the Harbor. This is a perfect way to get a glimpse of the floating village. See families on their boat doing their normal daily activities like chores, drinking coffee or fishing.

On the other hand, you can also witness how the place has been molded by modernization throughout time. A sampan ride can also show you their beautiful floating restaurants. Among them is the Jumbo Floating Restaurant where delicious seafood is served and enjoyed by many people. With its intricate design and symbols, it gives the place a very traditional feel as compared to the skyscrapers and buildings that surround it. It gives people that perfect traditional Hong Kong feel for locals and travelers alike.

Getting to Aberdeen is not a problem and does not take much of your time. A simple bus ride from Hong Kong Station will easily take you to the Aberdeen Promenade. If you are not comfortable with riding a bus, a taxi can also take you to Aberdeen.

With all of the modern and beautiful places that Hong Kong has to offer to its visitors, Aberdeen Floating Village is worth every penny and time and it definitely deserves to be noticed not just by tourists but also by the locals too. It is always a great feeling to remember and appreciate each and every one's culture and history. Hong Kong is one of those places wherein you can never run out of ideas what to visit, it's a place you just can't get enough of. So do not miss out on the fun and beauty of Hong Kong!

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