Samuel Dorsi - Jul 8, 2013
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The city of Hong Kong is set to celebrate one of its former martial arts star, the late Bruce Lee. Forty years after the death of the star, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum is going to feature more than six hundred Lee-related artifacts in a multimedia exhibition launching on July 20.

The government announced that it would celebrate Bruce Lee as the pride of Hong Kong in an exhibition dubbed "Bruce Lee: Kung Fu 'Art' Life". The artifacts in the exhibition will include loans from the city's film archive and the famous Bruce Lee Foundation.

Almost 100 items on display relate to Lee's popular film TV series "The Green Hornet". To spice things up, the Hong Kong filmmakers association has created a seventy-five minute documentary on Bruce Lee's life to be shown at the exhibition. The film, rich in content, is a thorough depiction of the life of the legendary star.

The organizers are planning to employ new innovative and interactive media including a dedicated website, various Smartphone apps and social media to promote the exhibition. The LCSD will be launching a Facebook fan page to avail an interactive way through which the public will be able to gather information about the Bruce Lee exhibition.

The Facebook page will be entitled "Visit HK Museum". The page will include guided day tour video, public engagement campaign, quotes, interviews, promotional videos and exhibition materials.

For more information on the exhibition or online reservations visit the official Hong Kong Heritage Museum site.

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