Denise Chen - Jun 6, 2011
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A significant makeover has been underway to transform the South Korean metropolis of Seoul into a leading business hub and tourist destination. Now, the city has yet another point of pride – the end of May brought the launch of the world’s largest floating island on Seoul’s Han River.

The South Korean metropolis has been experiencing an era of transformation; local authorities introduced a plan to give the city a tourist makeover and turn it into a popular business centre and tourist destination.

The campaign has been underway for several years and seems to be working great. Another project has appeared recently, which is not financed from public funds, however, changes the face of the city and involves the creation of a priceless tourist attraction – the world’s largest artificial floating island.

The project entails the construction of three artificial floating islands on the Han River and its total cost is estimated at USD 88 million. On 21st May, the biggest of the islands was officially launched; the rest of the island complex is scheduled to be finished by September.

The river itself attracted 59 million visitors last year. Seoul’s mayor, Oh Se-hoon, welcomes the unveiling and estimates such a unique landmark will attract an even larger number of visitors.

The islet is supported by a set of twenty-eight mooring chains; thanks to a giant buoy it sits on, the islets will stay afloat under all conditions, including bad weather and floods. The entire complex, which will accommodate as many as 6,200 people, will serve several purposes; mainly it will function as an exhibition venue, as well as a centre for culture and aquatic-leisure.

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