Cecilia Garland - May 21, 2018
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The lively atmosphere of the city markets is an important attraction for the world’s travelers.  When the traditional market is located on the water, visitors can get ready for an even more exotic and attractive experience. This is exactly what happens in most markets in the South Asian region, especially in Thailand, where most floating markets are located. presents the top 5 floating markets in Asia.


Damnoen Saduak (Thailand)

South of Bangkok, the Damnoen Saduak market is the largest floating market in the Chao Phraya delta, where barges transporting food contrast with the dark and somber waters of the river. It is often considered the most famous floating market in Asia. Every day many tourists travel here to shop, eat and feel the atmosphere of historical Thai water markets. It is often described as a so-called tourist trap. For obvious reasons, considering the large numbers of tourists it welcomes daily.

Aberdeen Floating Village (Hong Kong)

Located in Hong Kong and, as its name suggests, this isn't just a market, but an actual city above water. Around 600 boats have become a permanent residence for about 6,000 people. The first locals of the area settled in this place in the 8th and 9th centuries, since then, the boats have been used daily in fishing activities. The market is specialized in the sale of fish and seafood; furthermore, there are also many fish restaurants to visit.

Lok Baintan (Indonesia)

The Martapura River runs near the capital of the Indonesian town of Banjarmasin, also known as The City of a Thousand Rivers. As in many other markets, women are the driving force of the place. They direct their boats, load and unload the goods, and are also in charge of showing and selling the product. Most people consider it a great place for shopping as well as getting to know the real people of the country, who are specially admired for their friendly nature.

Phong Dien (Vietnam)

In the Mekong River Delta, located in the southern region of Vietnam, the river branches out creating a network of canals through which a large quantity of merchandise flows. A few kilometers from the mouth, on the Hua River, there's a notorious and hectic commercial activity at the Phong Dien floating market during the early hours of the morning.

Dal Lake, Kashmir (India)

The waters of Dal Lake reflect the neighboring peaks of the Himalayas and the prominent mosques of Srinagar, a city located north of India. It's common for travelers to stay in houseboats, built with aromatic cedar wood, as well as explore the lake in a 'shikara', the traditional wooden boat found on Dal Lake.

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