James Morris - Sep 4, 2018

Preparation is at the very heart of any traveling endeavor. A trip to Southeast Asia is no different. There are basic concepts that serve as tips you should consider as you plan for your trip. This guide will help you well and ensure you have a memorable adventure.

Develop a Good Plan

A useful plan factors in the cost implication, the size of the group that will make the trip, as well as the activities you are going to undertake as a family. Further, developing a timeline of when you will make the visit and how long the holiday will last is also crucial. With all this information at hand, developing a budget and a schedule becomes easy. Doing this helps you save on costs and time.

Make Reservations in Advance

This step is critical to the trip’s success. Ensure you check out the hotels available in the town of interest. Verify the hotel’s authenticity to avoid falling victim to online fraudsters. Call the hotel and make reservations before placing any payments. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the hotel’s terms and conditions. The hotel rates should be well within your budget and should offer convenient access to the planned visit areas.


Identify a Travel Agency to Help Make Transport Arrangements

Bangkok’s public transport system is efficient. The trains, buses, and taxis are reliable. However, the same cannot be said of the surrounding environs. Such unreliable transport systems can ruin the vacation. A travel agency helps avoid this disaster by offering personalized transport. Knowing the rates and factoring it in your budget beforehand is a good practice which proves to be beneficial in the end.

Make the Vaccination Trip

Book an appointment with your doctor and engage them on the upcoming holiday plans. It is best practice to honor the consult two months before the trip. Let the doctor advises you on the immunization steps and medication appropriate for your family. Immunization helps avert health complications that may result due to the climatic change or allergens that you may encounter in Southeast Asia.

Pack Proper Clothing

In light of the humid and sunny conditions in Southeast Asia, it is advisable to carry light clothing. However, it is essential to bring one or two attires to conceal your feet when visiting temples. This mode of dressing is a dictate of the native’s culture. Pack light, nevertheless as there are cheap clothing, you can always buy from the local marketplaces.


Do Not Forget Bug Spray and Sunscreen

Two things that can get in the way of you enjoying your perfect holiday, bugs and sunburns, both of which are common in the tropical regions, such as Southeast Asia. Packing sunscreen lotion for use ensures you have a protection against the devastating effects of harsh sunny conditions. Bug sprays are your friend against bugs such as mosquitoes. You do not want to get bitten and contract malaria.

Have Reusable Water Bottles

Tap water is not reliable, and frankly, the safety concerns are reason enough not to risk consuming it. The reusable bottles will ensure that you continuously have clean water to remain hydrated. The pollution, thanks to plastic materials in Southeast Asia, is on an all-time high. Thus buying larger water quantities like the 5-liter pack helps avoid purchasing smaller amounts of water in plastic bottles. One or two less plastic bottles in the bin is a worthwhile contribution to the make-the-planet safe campaign.


Take Time to Enjoy the Asian Cuisine

Some of these foods are sold in the local markets as well as by the local vendors. Of concern to many visitors is the hygiene aspect. However, the authorities have put in place safeguards to ensure the vendors provide hygienic food. You should sample the cuisine when you land in Southeast Asia. If you are selective in what you eat, then established food joints and restaurants are available for you.
The rule that should guide the trip is, have fun. Ensure you enjoy yourselves, spend time together making memorable moments as a family. Ensure you visit as many places and view as many sites as you can, for Southeast Asia is a tropical gateway whose cultural values and geographical beauty can only be experienced.

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