ADVENTURE/ Must See! Asian Floating Markets

Asian holidays are full of colors, festivals, temples and…floating markets. Experience the markets on boats, enjoy the noise of the locals selling food and flowers, taste the remarkable cuisine in a floating restaurant.



Floating Markets – The Marvels of Asia

Nils Kraus

Experiencing different cultures in all their diversity is one of the most fascinating aspects of exploring Asia. What all tourists ought to see there are local wondrous floating markets. Asia is a proper traveler’s dream. What many visitors tend to miss out during their stay are local bewitching floating markets. Some open so early in the morning not many travelers have the energy to open their eyes and get out of bed. Floating markets are using intricate systems of canals. These – often artif...

Vietnam – Discover the Mekong Delta

Vanderlei J. Pollack

Vietnam is famous for its floating markets that draw attention of tourists all over the world. Visitors do not just go to taste and experience the culture and cuisine of this country, but they are also in for an ultimate adventure of their lives. These types of markets in the country are spread all over the Mekong Delta. Why floating market? That is because goods are sold in a boat where it serves as the office, houses, restaurants, and of course shops by the natives in the country. In the boat...

Thailand’s Floating Markets – Explore the Culture

Joe McClain

Don't miss the beauty and wonders of Thailand and see the amazing and famous floating markets. They are one of the most visited and most photographed attractions. Your visit to Thailand won't be complete without experiencing the floating markets and witnessing the rich culture of Thailand. Once known as the Venice of Asia, Thailand has maintained their famous markets despite the fact that roads have been filling their canals and waterways. Not only are tourists and locals able to find goods a...

History in Hong Kong – Aberdeen Floating Village

Tourism Review News Desk

Hong Kong being known for its very picturesque sceneries and harbors is home to the floating village in Aberdeen also known as one of the most famous floating villages in the world. The village is located right at the Aberdeen Harbor and is the home of almost 600 junks giving shelter to almost 6,000 people. At first glance one could immediately see and feel the history of this once busy place. It is undoubtedly one of the most famous tourist attractions because of the beautiful sceneries and th...