Floating Markets in Vietnam – Discover the Mekong Delta

Vanderlei J. Pollack - Dec 31, 2012
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Vietnam is famous for its floating markets that draw attention of tourists all over the world. Visitors do not just go to taste and experience the culture and cuisine of this country, but they are also in for an ultimate adventure of their lives. These types of markets in the country are spread all over the Mekong Delta.

Why floating market? That is because goods are sold in a boat where it serves as the office, houses, restaurants, and of course shops by the natives in the country. In the boats, you can see goods that the farmers are selling like fruits, wine, rice, and many more agricultural products. This is the part of the country where people are on their busiest shouting and offering their goods for anyone to buy. What's amazing is that you can also see receipts being made for purchased produce. This type of selling is considered as an art by the people who have witnessed buying and selling goods in a different kind of way.

There are small towns surrounding the Mekong Delta that everyone can visit to experience this one of a kind buy and sell trade. You will surely enjoy this amazing experience that you will keep coming back for more. Every experience is something that you won't surely forget because of the amazing people and the rich culture the country has to offer. If you don't want to join the buying groups, you can at least cruise through the canal area and appreciate the beauty nature has to offer.

If you are tired of your canal trips head to Cai Rang Floating Market and taste local hot soup. Cai Rang is one of the three biggest floating markets in Mekong Delta. What's good about this is that it is opened all day compared to other markets in the canal which is only open until noon. So, you can have a fair share of your trip in this place because of the accessibility hours. Cai Rang is busiest from 4am to 9am.

You will be able to notice that in each boat farmers hang a sample of an item that they are selling for the customers to see. When you are at Cai Rang, you won't hear people screaming at what they offer because it will just be useless for them to do so. The sound of boat engines is loud enough that shouting for their goods is impossible to be heard. That is why they just hang what they have on poles for everyone to see.

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