Gary Diskin - Jul 17, 2007
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A tourist mecca, gateway to East Asia, a melting pot of the Eastern and Western Culture, the ‘Pearl of the East’ – all these names express the greatness of the Chinese spectacular city of Hong Kong. It is an amazing port the Chinese are rightly proud of. Even though there have been some problems in the past few years, especially the outbreak of SARS in 2003, Hong Kong now reports its tourism market is growing considerably. Since 2003, tourist arrivals have jumped up 12, 6 percent.


More tourists come form the UK, Philippines and especially mainland China; tourists from here are the fastest growing visitor group so far. Hong Kong is an amazing city, though since the threat of SARS disappeared, local authorities launched projects to help attract more tourists. One of the big magnets for visitors – especially families – is the newly opened Hong Kong Disneyland. It was an immediate success, and the average number of visitors today is more than 10,000, and still growing. In 2005, soon after Disneyland welcomed its first visitors, the Ocean Park announced that it would invest in further expansion, which is to be completed in 2010.


There are many other fun activities luring travelers to this striking city. One of the most popular activities is shopping. Many claim Hong Kong is a shopping paradise with its luxurious shopping malls and retail stores. One of the great advantages of this place is also the safety; Hong Kong is often considered to be one of the safest and most secure cities to visit.


The neighboring areas are also worth visiting. Hikers, campers, swimmers and boater will fall in love with the Sai Kung Peninsula. Bird watchers shouldn’t miss their opportunity and head to the Mai Po March. And Cyclists and walkers may enjoy the Plover Cove Reservoir.

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