PROFESSIONAL/ Hotel Chains Conquering the World

The amount of hotel chains is growing all around the world. Especially Asia has seen dynamic growth. Why are chains so strong and resilient?


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Hotel Chains: Rapidly Growing and Diversifying

Sara Thopson

No doubt, chain hotels and independent properties should and do co-exist – to the benefit of guests. But how do corporate chains truly differ and why are they expanding so rapidly all over the world. MKG Hospitality’s Michael Komodromou looks at trends and initiatives with chain hotels. Before we look at some of the key trends and initiatives with corporate chain hotels, we should first clarify the main benefits of such products. For instance, are they really a better option – either from a gue...
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Asia: Chain Hotels Spreading Wings

Richard Moor

Asian chain hotels have seen growth and development over the years. These hotels differ greatly from the rest of the others because of their ownership strategies. While most chain hotels are owned by groups or companies, Asian hotels are owned by individuals. Luxury hotels cut a niche for themselves by providing the best in the hotel industry. The infrastructure is to die for while the customer service is impeccable. Expensive and classy furnishings in the hotel rooms offer comfort with marble,...
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Aitken Spence Hotels Is a Diverse Trendsetter

Pat Hyland

Based in Sri Lanka, Aitken Spence Hotels ( opened its first tourism venture there in 1973, slowly and thoughtfully expanding its construction and management of properties in Sri Lanka, India, the Maldives and Oman. Today, it has 24 hotels and resorts in its portfolio with more in the development stage. Aitken Spence is not really my idea of a multi-national hotel “chain” implying a recognizable signature and physical format inside and out. The company’...
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Chain Hotels in Middle East – Not Only for the Locals

Gregory Dolgos

Chain hotels in the Middle East have risen to the challenge of luxury hotel standards all over the world. They not only offer luxury but the hospitality that comes with the mid-eastern people. Chain hotels all over the world fuse their outfits with state of the art technology so as to offer better services. The demand is on the rise with the business class being part of the biggest customers. Being Muslim oriented hotels, they have fashioned their amenities and services to fit all religions. ...