Middle East: Chain Hotels Attract Europeans

Gregory Dolgos - Dec 31, 2012
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Chain hotels in the Middle East have risen to the challenge of luxury hotel standards all over the world. They not only offer luxury but the hospitality that comes with the mid-eastern people.

Chain hotels all over the world fuse their outfits with state of the art technology so as to offer better services. The demand is on the rise with the business class being part of the biggest customers. Being Muslim oriented hotels, they have fashioned their amenities and services to fit all religions. Most of the hotels have eliminated pork and other food that is not allowed for Muslims to attract this clientele.

The hotels are on a quest for concept hotels. These are futuristic based hotels based on fusion of technology with their services. Their amenities have hit luxurious standards with spas and swimming pools. The cuisines have fitted all thr European cuisine standards.

The Middle East hotels like the Grand Hyatt in Dubai are now a common destination point for European visitors. These hotels are cutting a niche above the rest by fusing Middle Eastern architectural designs and culture in their design and services. Many are looking for a break from the monotony offered by conventional five star hotels to something different. These hotels have built their extensions all over the world offering the same services and ambience to its clientele.

Coral Hotels & Resorts

Based in Dubai, UAE the Coral luxury hotels have been in the forefront in Middle East offering exceptional services. They are known as a brand of quality and homeliness. Their hotels are not set with towers giving a comfortable setting for family and relaxing clients. The chain under The Coral International Hotels, Resorts and Lodges management has seen its rise in the market purposely for its quality services. It has hotels located all over the GCC nations. The chain is unrelenting in fusing the latest and the former to give an exquisite service. They have great offers for the business class with extra perks.

Rotana Hotels

The Rotana Hotels are one of the leading chain hotels in the Middle East. They offer all star levels for your convenience and budget. It boasts over 70 hotels and resorts all over the world. The properties are a hub for the Middle Eastern traditions catering for intercontinental needs. The chain was founded in 1992 and later changed ownership by shares in 2006. 40% shares were sold through a private transaction placement. This enabled investment and further expansion of the hotels.

Shaza Hotels

The Shaza hotels headquartered in Dubai, UAE have spread all over the world. They offer a large variety of cuisines with an exquisite touch of the Middle Eastern culture. These hotels are a member of the Global Hotel Alliance. The hotels have been in operation since the 1880s with the Shaza hotel management at the wheel. The hotel is a pioneer in catering for the Muslim needs by eliminating pork from their restaurants. They are also developing concept hotels. The hotel concepts involve the fusion of technology to the hotel systems and services.

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