HERITAGE/ Remarkable Chinatowns around the Globe

Chinatown – little Chinese world in the middle of completely different culture. Discover the history of these enclaves as well as their beauty. Visit the Chinatown in San Francisco or Paris; explore the best Chinatowns around the world.



Chinatowns: Sprinkling the World with Chinese Culture

Bill Alen

Chinatowns can be found virtually all over the world. These “towns” are ethnic enclaves of the Chinese people and are also considered as significant centers of tourism as well as commerce. While some of them only focus on commercial tourism others serve as actual working and living centers for expatriates from China. A Chinatown can range from a slum to a modern up-to-date development with all the strapping of a good life. In recent times some investors have revitalized blighted rundown towns...

Paris – Unattractive Quarter Turned to Lively Chinatown

Andrew J. Wein

Paris is home to two famous Chinatowns also referred to as Quartier Chinois in French namely 13th arrondissement and Belleville 20 arrondissement. The 13th arrondissement located on the left bank was started in 1970s when Chinese arrived from Vietnam in boats. Others who settled here commonly referred to as the lesser are those Chinese who arrived from other countries including Cambodia, French Caledonia, Mauritius, Laos and French Guiana. This famous arrondissement had fallen victim to miser...

Top 10 Chinatowns around the World

Daniel A. Tanner

Chinatowns are a common feature of major cities around the world. These bustling neighborhoods vary considerably in size from several streets to small towns within a city, and form a melting pot for Chinese, local and other cultures. They also provide great destinations where you can visit and enjoy colorful festivals, Lunar New Year parades, lion dances, as well as sumptuous Chinese delicacies. The following is an overview of arguably the 10 best Chinatowns in the world. San Francisco, United...

San Francisco – Where East Meets West

Samuel Dorsi

San Francisco is known for its numerous tourist attractions. There are more than 600 locations frequented by tourists every year. One such famous location is Chinatown. It was founded in the 19th century by the Chinese immigrants moving into the city. The Chinatown epitomizes the interaction of the East and the West. It is the oldest Chinatown north of Mexico. The entrance to the Chinese community is in the form of a dragon draped archway and is the part of this town which has been photographed...