Lamborghini and Ferrari Working on Carbon Neutral Cars

Anna Luebke - Dec 31, 2012
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The words 'efficiency and reduction of emissions' do not fit in the same category with supercars. Supercars like the Lamborghini, Lotus, Ferrari and the MX-5 are known for their fuel guzzling qualities. High performance is normally achieved through a combination of a number of factors. Fuel intake is one of them. Believe it or not, Ferrari is on the frontline of this 'quest'. Ferrari has managed to cut down its emissions by a whooping 46g/km for their fleet. This is a great slash considering the V12 engine and the overbearing horsepower.

The makers of this machine have managed to fuse a hybrid engine and a lighter body to achieve this impossibility. The fuel emission reduction is halfway over normal cars but a major step for powerful Ferrari. They are hoping to slash 130g/km for their fleet this coming year. This is an amazing success according to JATO Dynamics. JATO's requirements have seen this company push to produce lighter cars. Ferrari has been a pioneer in the carbon fiber technology for years.

However now they are followed closely by the Lamborghini. This may sound like a 'white elephant' project for this company. The new hybrid being designed is said to weigh less than 2500 pounds. This is just 300 pounds more than the Mazda MX-5. The reduction is made possible by a light chassis, a carbon fiber body and aluminum engine parts. The lovers of heavily badgered interiors will have to hold their tastes for this one. The dream could come true for the company taking into account their new energy efficient building prototype.

The hybrid will be much lighter than the Enzo. They signed an agreement with Italy's ministry of environment, land and sea protection to bring down their emissions by 35%. The idea of the machine carrying out the feat is simply welcoming to the tree huggers and lovers of the environment.

The Lamborghini compared to the Ferrari is a bit far off but the promise could hold with the new petition. They promise to do this with the fusion of a hybrid engine and lighter bodies. The issue here is however that hybrid engines improve performance not efficiency. The weight could help push the car with the electric flywheel fused with it though. The power delivered is however the same if not more. The car would lose meaning if it were to reduce power wouldn't it?

This is why the whole project is being waited for with bated breath. The V12 engine is expected to still deliver 730 horsepower while cutting down the emissions by 35%. This is quite an achievement if it takes place.

The Aston Martin is also in the list of supercars with this quest in mind. They have managed to cut their emissions by 0.6%. The development is aided by their cygnet city car. Lamborghini so far has managed 1.5% and Bentley 1.9%. The 'race' for environmental friendly supercars is catching on and Ferrari still seems to have taken an early lead. The hybrids seem to be the answer to keeping the performance optimal while saving the environment.

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