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A growing number of transport services are provided in a carbon neutral way. Learn about the green airports, buses, ferry or even the efforts to build carbon neutral Lamborghini.


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Sweden: More Airports Became Carbon Neutral in 2012

Dan Rang

In October 2012 Sweden national airport group, Swedavia, became the first national airport in the world to achieve the carbon neutrality status across its ten airports. Every year, the ten airports welcome well over 31 million passengers from all over Europe and beyond. The journey to achieving carbon neutrality hasn't been an easy one for Swedavia. They have had to reduce carbon dioxide emission, engage other people in the process of CO2 emission reduction and even buy offsets to keep CO2 emis...
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First Hydrogen Powered Carbon Neutral Ferry to Be Developed

Chris Grad

The world's first hydrogen fuel cell ferry is planned to be developed in Scotland. Hydrogen fuel cells will drive ferries planed by Caledonian Maritime Assets or CMal, Scotland’s main ferry operator. CMal will probably succeed in this endeavor. It designed the world's first seaworthy diesel-electric ferry. This hybrid ferry entered service in 2012 and was launched from Port Glasgow. Ferries typically burn several thousand liters of fuel per trip. Moving people, vehicles and cargo is essentia...

UK: New Buses Are Running on Biogas

Richard Moor

Believe it or not, residents of Lowestoft and Norwich had an early Christmas treat. They are among the first passengers to travel in a new fleet of 'green' bio-gas powered buses in the UK. Traveling green will soon become a way of life for most people living around Lowestoft because the buses they commute with on daily basis, will be run from renewable energy that is produced from biodegradable waste materials. The 13 Eco-friendly buses will be operated by Anglican Bus which is part of the Go-Ah...
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Supercars Race for Carbon-Neutral Production

Anna Luebke

The words 'efficiency and reduction of emissions' do not fit in the same category with supercars. Supercars like the Lamborghini, Lotus, Ferrari and the MX-5 are known for their fuel guzzling qualities. High performance is normally achieved through a combination of a number of factors. Fuel intake is one of them. Believe it or not, Ferrari is on the frontline of this 'quest'. Ferrari has managed to cut down its emissions by a whooping 46g/km for their fleet. This is a great slash considering the...