Carbon-Free Tourism: Help the World

Ashley Nault - Sep 03, 2012
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Carbon free tourism is one of the many facets of eco-tourism. Carbon free tourism refers to tourism programs wherein carbon emissions from aircraft and cars are reduced, if not totally eliminated.

While totally eliminating carbon emissions may seem impossible, it can be reduced to a significantly low level. In line with this, programs that support initiatives for sustainability can be employed. Carbon Management, Carbon-neutral Travel and Tourism, and Sustainable Tourism Consulting are just three of the numerous projects that make it possible.

Carbon Management

The direct reduction of carbon emissions is the best solution for addressing the challenges posed by transitioning to a new economy of renewable energy. This transformation will require years of continuous and consistent efforts from travel agencies, hotels, airlines, the automobile industry and the local governments. No two tourist destinations are alike so it is important to create a carbon management framework that will solve specific problems. Through such projects travel businesses and travelers are educated to minimize carbon emissions in many different, simple and meaningful ways.

Carbon Neutral Travel

This program primarily covers businesses. Airlines can implement carbon management solutions. There are various programs that are designed for an airline company, particularly for their methods on how to execute their initiatives for sustainability. Most airlines are interested in acquiring customized carbon footprint calculators. Through this device, they can monitor their carbon emissions and learn the best way to offset it. Knowing how much carbon an airline company emits is half of the battle against carbon emissions.

Hotels and other forms of accommodation can also undergo a green travel program that allows their guests to contribute small amounts of clean and renewable energy. One way is through contributions. For $1.00 per night of accommodation, guests can reduce their carbon emissions by offsetting 33.6 pounds of greenhouse gas. This amounts to 100% of the energy used during an overnight stay or 24 kilowatt hours of electric power provided by solar and wind power.

Moreover, car rental companies can apply solutions that can support their initiatives for carbon management. The most common way to do it is by measuring and managing their carbon footprints. Another way for car rental companies to make it possible is by educating their customers how to minimize the impact created by renting and driving a car. Tourists will be surprised how simple and meaningful these ways are.

Sustainable Tourism Consulting

Tourism enterprises can turn to agencies that have many years of experience in eco-tourism. Definitely, these companies can provide sound advice regarding non-competitive and competitive sustainability projects. They perform sustainability assessments, and planning and implementing sustainable development strategies for tourism. These companies do it in large scale down to the destination level. Moreover, these companies have consultants that specialize in sustainable tourism issues.

Climate Protection

Climate protection is perhaps the most easily understood and the most general among all carbon free projects. Climate protection simultaneously addresses all the problems that impact global climate. Among the solutions included in these projects are reforestation and finding renewable energy resources. There are even more ways to hamper the effects of climate change. If you want to find out the best programs that you can employ, consulting companies are ready to find solutions for you.

Currently, the planet faces a multitude of environmental problems. More and more people are living in poverty. The greenhouse gases accumulate in the atmosphere, which is a great threat to global climate, natural communities and the earth's bio-diversity. Nobody can solve these problems in isolation; that is why it is important to build strong partnerships to address these challenges efficiently through collective effort. Tourism is just one of the numerous facets where we can make a huge change.

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