PROFESSIONAL/ Sustainable Tourism – Carbon Free Options

Green travel, sustainable tourism and carbon-free projects are among the most popular initiatives within tourism industry. How can businesses become carbon neutral?


Carbon-Free Tourism: Facing Environmental Threats Together

Ashley Nault

Carbon free tourism is one of the many facets of eco-tourism. Carbon free tourism refers to tourism programs wherein carbon emissions from aircraft and cars are reduced, if not totally eliminated. While totally eliminating carbon emissions may seem impossible, it can be reduced to a significantly low level. In line with this, programs that support initiatives for sustainability can be employed. Carbon Management, Carbon-neutral Travel and Tourism, and Sustainable Tourism Consulting are just t...

Caribbean to Become Sustainable Destination

Michael Trout

The Caribbean Tourism Organization, in its quest to make the tourism industry more vibrant and competitive, developed sustainable programs for its member states to address issues that confront the industry. Best Practice Policies are put in place, where effective and efficient methods are needed to solve tourism-related issues, at the least possible cost. These methods should be relevant to present realities, and must be within the context of the tourism industry's vision and goals. The metho...

The First Carbon Neutral Resort? Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa

Bill Alen

Today many industries are adapting sustainability business tactics wherein they have realized that they carry social responsibility towards Mother Nature. Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa located 120 miles away from Sydney on Australia's Great Dividing Range amidst the Blue Mountains range is the first conservation based initiative aiming at carbon-neutral operation. Naturally, it is extremely difficult to measure carbon prints as many parameters are involved in assessing greenhouse gas....

Travel Agencies Going Green as Well

Cecilia Garland

Hello Scotland is a travel agency that has reduced its carbon emissions by 17 percent in a period of only five years. A study that was carried out by the Carbon Masters Project and other partners indicated that even though there was an increase in the overall carbon emissions, there was a significant reduction in the carbon footprint of each of the visitors. There are some challenges when it comes to reducing the carbon footprint of incentive travel due to the fact that most of the clients arriv...