Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa Is the First Carbon Neutral Resort

Bill Alen - Sep 03, 2012
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Today many industries are adapting sustainability business tactics wherein they have realized that they carry social responsibility towards Mother Nature. Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa located 120 miles away from Sydney on Australia's Great Dividing Range amidst the Blue Mountains range is the first conservation based initiative aiming at carbon-neutral operation.

Naturally, it is extremely difficult to measure carbon prints as many parameters are involved in assessing greenhouse gas. Emirates hotels and resorts has become successful in establishing Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa as Australia's first carbon neutral resort. The resort has been awarded CarboNZero certification – a certificate accredited to an organization for maintaining the level of carbon prints generated.

What makes Wolgan Valley resort a carbon neutral resort? With all its modern amenities and world class luxury, the resort still manages to offer its guest the most natural carbon free surroundings.

All set and done by the management to ensure that sustainability measures are undertaken in construction and in operations of the resort. The strategy to safeguard the environment and natural surroundings of the resort are all integrated in different segments of developing Wolgan Valley resort.

The structure: Wolgan Valley resort offering 40 well-appointed villas in the most secluded surroundings are all constructed on green building principles wherein not a single tree was destroyed for the construction of these villas. Each villa features a plunge pool filled with rain water conserved by the resort management team. Natural timber and sandstone sourced from within 100 km radius of the resort are used to construct and embellish the resort.

The resort was constructed by artisans, wooden craftsmen, iron makers, glass makers, blacksmiths and many other servicemen all employed from surrounding region in order to provide them with employment and thereby adding to the growth of local economy. The resort is surrounded with more than 175,000 trees along with Wollemi Pine and many other endangered species of trees that are local to the area and planted with a motto to reduce carbon print.

The interiors: The natural context of the villas’ architecture blends well with modern amenities. The resort uses renewable energy to light up the décor of these luxurious villas and its natural surroundings. The buildings are beautified using natural materials like fallen eucalyptus found on site at the time of construction and sanctioned for use by environmentalists.

The amenities: Solar panels are used to supply hot water to the rooms and heat exchange technology is used to reduce the consumption of electricity. The villas are constructed with huge verandas that affirm cross ventilation and proper circulation of air in the rooms thereby reducing the use of cooling systems. The staff of the resort is all well versed with the ways to ensure reduced use of electricity and they inform the guests about it as well.

The Food: The resort is known for its awesome dining settings and culinary taste. The resort taking into consideration its Go Green strategy, source its major culinary requirements from within 160 km radius thereby reducing the carbon footprint generated in transportation. The resort is known for its fresh organic produces that are ventured from local vendors and farms. Major herbs, fruits and vegetables are grown in resort's own natural kitchen garden.

The Activities: Usually the recreational facilities and activities offered on holidays generate carbon prints, but in case of Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa, nature based activities are tailor-made for the guests. They involve guided walks, mountain biking, horse riding, four wheel drive safaris, fitness sessions, excursions and tours to experience the local habitat, wildlife and ecology.

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