Travel Agencies Are Going Green to Save the Environment

Cecilia Garland - Sep 03, 2012
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Hello Scotland is a travel agency that has reduced its carbon emissions by 17 percent in a period of only five years. A study that was carried out by the Carbon Masters Project and other partners indicated that even though there was an increase in the overall carbon emissions, there was a significant reduction in the carbon footprint of each of the visitors. There are some challenges when it comes to reducing the carbon footprint of incentive travel due to the fact that most of the clients arrive by air, which is the biggest contributor of carbon emissions.

Methods that have been used to reduce the carbon emissions include switching to use more fuel-efficient vehicles. This ensures that the amount of carbon emissions is reduced. Another method that has been used is to encourage low-carbon commuting as well as ensuring that there is sensible energy usage. Another method is the use of carbon neutral tree planting, low carbon producing hotels as well as other activities that reduce the amount of carbon in the air.

There is also a scheme known as "Green with Hello" that seeks to grade its suppliers, based on their credentials of greenness and sustainability. The customers have a chance to see the grading of the hotels that are participating and later they can make proposals and make the right choice.

Paradise Bay Resort and Spa has made improvements towards achieving a zero carbon vacation. This has been done due to the fact that local transport and activities can have a negative impact on the climate change in an area. The Spa has been a member of the Chicago Climate Exchange from October 2007 and has also upgraded its membership.

Extensive records are also kept so as to calculate the average carbon dioxide emissions that are made per guest each day. The local transport system is also estimated so as to allow for a system that is workable. After doing all the math, the guests at the Paradise bay Resort and Spa are given a certificate, which has the detailed calculations of the emissions.

One of the other projects that have been undertaken is to reduce the purchase of energy saving household equipment such as washing machines and refrigerators. They also encourage the guests at the restaurant to purchase energy saving bulbs so as to reduce the damage. The guests who comply with this directive are usually given some incentives during certain time periods. Thus the program has sought to motivate people to take up measures that will ensure that there is protection of the environment from any kind of damage.

Intrepid Travel has also taken up the role of ensuring that they offer carbon-free travel to their clients. They therefore implemented a number of methods such as to measure activities that are carbon neutral. This has been done by determining the emissions that they are responsible for as well as monitor the emissions that contribute to climate change.

They have therefore reduced or completely avoided activities that affect the climate, such as avoiding the use of light in a room that is vacant as well as providing lighting in a more effective way. This is by the use of much greener light bulbs. They have also replaced their vehicles so as to use more efficient cars in their work.

All these initiatives have been adopted due to the fact that there are dangerous effects that arise due to global warming. Hence, these solutions are introduced so as to compensate the emission of carbon dioxide.

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