Trabants Ready to Give You a Lift

Dan Rang - Oct 26, 2009
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It’s been said time and again, but Budapest is truly the city where East meets West, bang in the centre of the continent. We could go on about how much we love it all day, but we’re here now to tell you about Trabants and how you can get your hands on them!

Not everyone’s lucky enough to have a friend with an über cool uncle Laci with one of these babies. You sorry souls need not to fear, though, as these mean machines are still at your fingertips – in Budapest you can now rent a ... yes ... Trabant ... of various colors and designs.

Take it to the streets for a day, a weekend, and discover the city with these unique cars.

Feeling more adventurous? Well just how far do you want to go? If there are a few of you, then how about putting the Trabants to the test on a closed track? Slalom anyone?

Want to use a bit of grey matter? No problem, they’ll set up a Trabant treasure hunt. Teams go head to head searching for clues with their cars on a citywide scale – more complex than a cover up at Chernobyl.

If that’s not enough, then get your head round this. Want to do a rally, create a route and close down roads to avoid the traffic? How about your very own police escort? Welcome to the old world, comrade – just say the word.

If you’re looking for something a little different (as if all that wouldn’t be different enough), drop them a line and they’ll draw up a customized program, from a stripped down trip taking in some of the city’s sites to a tailor-made tour with all the bell and whistles.

It’s their mission to be “here to make all your communist bloc retro dreams come true”. A life mission indeed! So, if you’d like to do something they haven’t thought of, they’ll organize it. No sweat, no bother – old world style with new world service, it seems.

Remember, if it can be done in a Trabant, then they can do it. So, do it!

By Tímea Kovács

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