Tourism Review Online Magazine 10 / 2009

Oct 26, 2009
Dear readers

The first signs of global economic recovery have cheered many travel trade professionals including those working in the meetings industry. How badly were the event providers hit though? What are the current trends? Check out the Professional supplement. The Transport part on the other hand focuses on car rental business, which according to some experts was not affected that much by the downturn. Yet, what is the outlook of the industry?

If you still cannot cope with the daily hassles and keep thinking about your summer holiday let’s take a break and visit a unique destination – Yemen. Just imagine the hot summer, sandy beaches and rare flora and fauna. Read the Destination supplement. Have you ever tried a rickshaw tour? Or ballooning? Let us invite you for several tours guaranteeing a bit different sightseeing – in the Heritage supplement. First of all however why not to go back in time and remember the school trips you enjoyed so much. Educational trips and tours are still popular among students as well as teachers. Find out why in the Ethical part.

Milada Sovadinova


Heritage: Unique Sightseeing Tours

Richard Moor

- Oct 26, 2009
Balloons, rickshaws, Trabants ... these are all special means to enhance the unique experience you take home from your vacations. Have you ever seen an amphibious coach? Head to Hungary and try one.

Transport: Wanna Rent a Car?

Samuel Dorsi

- Oct 26, 2009
Car rentals have been highly important for many vacationers – especially those who decided for last-minute holidays. Are the prices likely to go down any time soon? What’s the future of electric cars in this field? Check out the opinions of experts.

Ethical: Way for Knowledge - Educational Tours

Andrea Hausold

- Oct 26, 2009
Educational tours and school trips have always been popular among students and kids. However, aren’t they just a distraction from the more serious school work? Actually, quite the opposite.

Destination: Yemen

Pat Hyland

- Oct 26, 2009
Yemen – the land of friendly people, unique culture and several World Heritage Sites. Discover a city with the oldest skyscrapers in the world, try jumping over the backs of camels or go to Socotra Island and study its rare flora and fauna.