Ethical: Way for Knowledge - Educational Tours

Educational tours and school trips have always been popular among students and kids. However, aren’t they just a distraction from the more serious school work? Actually, quite the opposite.


Way for Knowledge: Educational Tours

Justin N. Froyd

What is an educational tour? Educational travel is an opportunity for teachers and community leaders to use the world as their classroom. As group leaders, educators lead their students abroad on tours that range in duration from a few days to several weeks. During that time, students can experience many of the things they have read about in textbooks or learned to say in language classes, placing classroom lessons into a real world context. Who travels on an educational tour? Typically, ed...

Educational Tours: Travel as a Learning Experience

Theodore Slate

I can still hear my homeroom teacher saying it, "We're not teaching you facts, we're teaching you to learn." At the time, it meant little more to me than the idea that she would be grading on participation – an exercise of which I was not a fan. Memorization came easy for me. I sailed through tests. I could listen well and regurgitate information appropriately. But she was one of those innovative teachers who expected more. Despite all of my memorization I do not think I truly grasped M...

Swimming with Flipper: Education with Wild Dolphins in Aotearoa New Zealand

Alec Hills

Humans have a special bond with dolphins. We can all relate to these happy smiling creatures, even though they are not really smiling (it is just the shape of their beak that makes them look as if they were smiling). For many, seeing dolphins in their natural habitat is a wonderful experience, but being able to swim with these creatures is the ultimate once in a lifetime opportunity. In many countries, national marine mammal protection regulations do not allow swimming with wild dolphins, but t...

OK, Kids, Your Vacation Made You Smarter

Wayne M. Gore

It’s now official: children who travel over summer break did better in reading, math and their general knowledge than those who did not, says a US Department of Education study. “The data is clear – and gives hard-working parents another reason not to put off a summer vacation trip,” said Bill Norman, Clemson University. “Providing kids with the experience of travel broadens their horizons and opens up their minds to learning.” A series of analyses were co...