Professional: How to ... Organize an Event

What are the latest trends in the meetings industry? What about the prices? What is the outlook of the industry in such markets as Russia or even Sri Lanka?


Meeting Industry at the Crossroads

Daniel A. Tanner

Few are the industries that can boast that the current economic crisis has not affected them, and the meeting industry is not one of these chosen few. During the boom years, pickings were rich, attracting numerous freebooters whose motto was “with cash, anyone can organize an event.” With event budgets plummeting and a growing demand for greater accountability, planners are now obliged to justify the events that they organize, provide added value and generate higher ROI, while facing...

Interview: Organising an Event during Tough Times

Andrea Hausold

MKG Tips & Hints 1.      Thorough planning and brainstorming2.      Choose the right venue and timing3.      Extensive Marketing & Promotions4.      Organisational & PR initiatives on the day5.      Post-event evaluation – measure success   More than ever, achievements and good work needs to be praised and rewarded, lifting employee morale and ...

Russian В2В Events Market: Tendencies and Prospects

Chris Grad

Russian market of specialised events has already been established. Russians indeed can create big and impressive events: large-scale economic forums, music festivals, and presentations. When an order comes from an important corporation or from a country, with the huge budget provided and so-called “administrative resource” involved, these events meet or nearly meet high international standards. Problems can however emerge when you represent a small business and you need qualified as...

WTM: Towards Sustainable Event Management

Gary Diskin

The organising of tourism events has changed dramatically since World Travel Market first opened its doors 30 years ago. As it has the travel industry, the internet has revolutionised the way the events industry has positioned and marketed its exhibitions. Prior to the internet, there was no focal point for an event before it took place, where exhibitors and visitors could visit to find out the latest information. Today a website is the shop window for all exhibitions as it is for all commercia...

Sri Lanka Events: Low Cost and Exotic

Vanderlei J. Pollack

Sri Lanka has not been on the list of top destinations for congresses and conventions for a long time. As a result of the latest changes in the security situation, the country starts opening up in numerous areas offering unique experience. Holding a business conference, meeting, or promotional seminar in Sri Lanka today has many advantages mainly because of the extremely low prices not only at five star hotels.  The prolonged so-called "war" with the terrorist tigers (LTTE) has caused th...