Sri Lanka Events: Low Cost and Exotic

Vanderlei J. Pollack - Oct 26, 2009
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Sri Lanka has not been on the list of top destinations for congresses and conventions for a long time. As a result of the latest changes in the security situation, the country starts opening up in numerous areas offering unique experience. Holding a business conference, meeting, or promotional seminar in Sri Lanka today has many advantages mainly because of the extremely low prices not only at five star hotels. 

The prolonged so-called "war" with the terrorist tigers (LTTE) has caused the once-thriving tourism industry to virtually come to a standstill for the past 26 or so years, and the competition for the limited number of tourist arrivals into Sri Lanka has resulted in some of the lowest rates at luxury hotels, compared to any other comparable destination in the world.

For instance, right next door in India, you would be lucky to get a room at a five-star hotel in any major city for less than $200 a night. In Sri Lanka, rates are presently running around $60 to 80 per night, for some of the best five-star hotels in Colombo city.

Additionally, Sri Lanka enjoys extremely low airfare rates from many countries in the region, and in certain cases, for instance, India, it is actually cheaper to hold your group event in Sri Lanka, than in India itself!

Sri Lanka boasts some of the most inviting, friendly people in the world, and some of the most spectacular scenery that can be seen on one small island, where it is possible to go from the beach to a cool mountainous climate in under three hours!

The key to holding a successful group conference, meeting or seminar is to firstly, anticipate every possible requirement of all the candidates before it is even asked for, and secondly, to provide every single requirement to each participant, from the moment of their arrival in Sri Lanka, right up until their departure.

To maximize comfort and enjoyment for all the participants, the tour company should have an idea of the median age group of the participants, as well as their basic interests, etc., so that all sightseeing and leisure activities can be tailor-made to suit the participants' needs & requirements.

So why not explore the possibility of an exotic destination such as Sri Lanka for the next large group convention, meeting or seminar, where you would probably maximize the participants' satisfaction, and save money at the same time!

By Sam Sultan

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